Who is Welcome at Pine Street?

If you are young or old or middle-aged …
If you are homeless or rent or own …
If you have a lot of faith, little faith, or no faith at all …
If you are male or female or trans*…
If you are a Republican, a Democrat, or care little for politics …
If you are gay or straight …
If you are married, single, or partnered …
If you are Asian, Hispanic, Black or White …
If you are poor or rich, hungry, or well-fed,
If you have addictions, phobias, depression, or mental illness …
If you are strong or weak …
If you wear blue jeans or business casual …
If you hunger to know more about God and life …
If you seek more purpose to your daily living …
If you long for a better and more just world …

You are welcomed and affirmed here!

“Welcome one another, therefore, just as Christ has welcomed you for the glory of God!” (Romans 15:7)

An event at Pine Street Presbyterian Church

Come with your gifts and strengths, thoughts, doubts and questions, passions and fears. Come with the experiences and traditions that formed you. Come to seek and to listen to God. Hear God call you to love your neighbor with all your heart, mind, and soul! Christ welcomes all and so do we! Pine Street Presbyterian Church is a welcoming and affirming congregation!

Meet Our Staff

Matt Drumheller
Interim Pastor

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Joseph Garrison

Joseph W. Garrison
Minister of Music & Worship

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Mike Waldvogel
Facilities Manager

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Krystle Whitley
Office Administrator

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Church Leadership


Bob Kerr (Clerk)
David Colestock
Nathan Garman
Audrey Light
Beth Alwine
Sally Songy

Jane Hess
Jane Freet
Elyse Rogers
Becky Cotich
Robert Wilson
Amy Chick


Michael Brittain (President)
George Kunkle
Leslie Luciew
Bill Mader
Barbara Neff

Joanne Book-Coles
Jack Shepley
Michael Buffington


Greg Lane (Moderator)
Debbie Gruver
Deborah Anderson
Jennifer Gardner
Linda McKillop
Sarah Pearce
Pamela Wingfield
Esther Bebey

Angela Salvadia
Lisa Milletics
Frida Shu
Betty Rader
Estelle Hartranft
Grace Huber
James Anderson

Committee and Team Chairs

Worship: David Colestock
Mission: Audrey Light
Education: Beth Alwine
Engaging Our Neighbors (Outreach and New Members): Bob Wilson
Stewardship: Nathan Garman
Personnel: Sally Songy
Nominating: Jane Hess
Property: George Kunkle
224 Pine: Joan Hays

Committee and board chairs can be contacted through the membership directory or by using the contact button below.

Looking up at the stained glass windows of Pine Street Presbyterian

Our History

Since 1858, Pine Street has been a powerful force for good in the Harrisburg community. From feeding the hungry and homeless of Harrisburg to exalting God through worship, music, and the related arts, the ministries of the church are as strong today as ever.

Harrisburg Capitol Building


Pine Street Presbyterian Church was founded in 1858 as a group of forty-two members led by James McCormick, Jr. They erected an elegant Gothic Revival church designed by Luther M. Simon at Third and Pine streets and laid the cornerstone in 1859. Worship services during the first year were held in various places around town, including the Senate chamber of the Capitol.


Ashbel Green Simonton was a founding member of the congregation and went on to found the Presbyterian Church in Brazil, which today is even larger than the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), of which Pine Street is a member.

Ashbel Green Simonton
Boyd Building


The neighboring Boyd Building, which today houses Downtown Daily Bread, Pine Street’s ministry to the homeless and hungry of Harrisburg, was built in 1916. Over the years there have been many activities, including bowling, basketball, football, baseball, a summer camp, motion pictures, checkers, an orchestra, glee club, and drum corp, and much more.


Famed architect Ralph Adams Cram led a major expansion in 1926, at which time the Sanctuary took its current form and the Ernest M. Skinner organ began its life of service to the congregation.

Ralph Adams Cram
Pine Street Favicon

Pine Street has always been a center of mission and ministry, grounded by deep faith and worship to God.

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