Around the church for November 8, 2023

 Signing Up For Events

You will see we are starting to use Churchtrac to sign ups for events! This is exciting and new, so there will be guides available at the welcome desk on how to use QR codes with helpful photos. Below you will also see directions on how to sign up for events using QR codes:

How to use QR code

  • Open camera on your phone
  • Aim the camera at the QR code and you should see the site pop up at the bottom of the screen
  • Click the link
  • It will bring up the event you are signing up for
  • Select I am not a robot
  • Click “register for this event”
  • It will bring up the event you are registering for
  • Fill out the fields (name and email address)
  • Click continue
  • Click done adding attendees*
  • Click complete registration
  • You have now registered for the event!

*Add another attendee
Once you have signed up you will see at the bottom in blue “add another attendee” click that

Road detours for Sunday Nov 12

November 12 is the Harrisburg Marathon. There won’t be any roads closed this year for the marathon, however there will be a coned off a lane on Front St from Forster to above Vaughn. The finish is on City Island and not on 2nd St like in years past.

There might be some delays for traffic coming towards the city on the Market St Bridge as participants and spectators park on City Island. There will be one lane of the Market St Bridge coned off, but one other lane will continue unrestricted throughout the morning.

Card Shower for Roger Sieber
Please join in making Roger’s day by sending him a card of encouragement!

Hanging of the Greens
November 29 5:30-8:00 pm
All are invited to help prepare the church for Advent and Christmas. We will start with a pizza party at 5:30 pm. Please sign up using the QR code below, or call the church office to get your name added to the list

November Giving Barrel

The Mission Committee reminds you of November’s project for our extremely busy Giving Barrel. We are supporting Mission Central with specific items for the Flood Buckets (or Cleaning Buckets) when all-too-frequent floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, or other disasters come along. Each five- gallon round bucket with a lid contains 16 items, ranging from scrub bushes and gloves to masks, wipes, and soaps
We have been asked to help replenish two items as follows:

  1. Air freshener that is NOT aerosol. Examples…  Glade Solid Air Freshener, deodorizer for home and bathroom, 6 oz OR Clear Air Odor Eliminator Gel Beads, 12 ounce-2 pack.
  2. CONCENTRATED household cleaner, between 16 oz-40 oz. Examples…  Mr. Clean 40 oz. Multi-purpose Cleaner OR Lysol Multi-surface Cleaner, 40 oz OR a similar 40 oz cleaner.  A set of two 16’s would also be OK.

*Note some cleaners come in 45-oz bottles; avoid these, which could take the total bucket weight too high In the process of mailing.  Thank you for the effort of careful shopping!

A September report indicates 3,744 cleaning buckets went to New England after flooding, 700 went to tornado victims in Michigan, and 5,700 hygiene kits were sent to Maui after the disastrous fires.

Mission Central is a global ministry of the United Methodist Church, but long ago became ecumenical in its support. Pine Street has recently collected used shoes and assembled hygiene kits for them.

The items requested can be picked up on our regular grocery store runs, so let’s join in and fill the barrel once again. Thank you from our Mission Committee.


Gulliver’s Run Animal Blessings

On Sunday, November 5 Pine Streeters provided pet blessings at this year’s Gulliver’s Run at Pinchot State Park.  Over the past 10 years, this event has raised $103,000 to combat canine cancer. We were honored to once again be invited to participate in this important cause!
Bring a Friend to Church

Pine Street is asking you to participate in a “Bring a Friend to the Church” program during this Christmas season. In the month of December, many beautiful things happen at Pine Street, particularly, the Lessons and Carols and Christmas Eve services. Ask a friend to attend one of these services and get an RSVP from them via email or text, so that we may thank them for coming, through a gift or other act of kindness. Let’s make this Christmas a joyful one by reaching out to family, friends, and neighbors, and have them experience our way of celebrating the arrival of the Christ child. If you have questions about this program, contact the Engaging Our Neighbors Committee at [email protected].


Holiday Parade

Pine Street plans to participate in the Harrisburg parade on Saturday, November 18, beginning at 9:30 am. The parade will feature giant balloons, decorated floats, marching bands, dance teams, and more. This year’s parade theme is “Rockin’ Around the Burg.”
We hope you will sign up to walk the route and sing a few Christmas songs along with our banner carriers. Whether you are a good singer or not, please become one of our carolers. Members of our choir have agreed to participate and lead in song. Sign up in the gathering place.

Pumpkin Roll Class

Get ready for an exciting opportunity! We will be having a pumpkin roll class November 26 11:30 am in the fellowship hall. Come learn how to make this amazing dessert! Spaces are limited to 40 participants, so make sure to sign up today!


Armchair tour of South Africa
Join Krystle as she shares her tour of South Africa in pictures, November 19 at 11:30 am. Get ready for a “rawring” good time! Come see the amazing animals native to South Africa, some culture, and beautiful views. This is a great time to meet our Office Administrator!


Pastor Nominating Committee Update
November 8, 2023
The PNC has been busy utilizing the newly updated Church Leadership Connection system.  The system has generated about four dozen new referrals or self-referrals of potential pastor candidates.  The committee continues to review the Pastor Discernment Profiles for these candidates.  Recently members of the PNC commented on the fact that we have been pleased with the quality of many of the candidates that have come to us through this updated system.
In addition to reviewing the pastor profiles, the PNC continues to view dozens of sermons and worship services for referred candidates.  In the past weeks we have held about half a dozen initial Zoom interviews and are scheduling second Zoom interviews and conducting reference checks in the coming weeks.  The PNC is also in frequent contact with Lucy Bowerman, our church’s liaison to the Presbytery’s Commission on Ministry.
We ask that the congregation continue to support the work of the Pastoral Nominating Committee and keep the PNC in your prayers as we continue this journey toward new pastoral leadership at Pine Street.  If you have any questions, you can contact David Colestock.

David Colestock, PNC Chair
Amy Chick, PNC Vice Chair
Jennifer Garman
Jay Himes
George Kunkle
Elyse Rogers
Isaiah Shu

Pastor Search Process Checklist

  1. Interim Pastor called.
  2. The Presbytery’s COM approves the formation of the PNC.
  3. The Nominating Committee selects a PNC which is approved by the congregation.
  4. A COM Liaison conducts orientation/training of the PNC.
  5. The PNC creates a MIF.
  6. The MIF is approved by the Session of the church and the COM to determine that it accurately reflects who the congregation is and the nature of the call.
  7. The MIF is posted on the PC(USA) Church Leadership Connection.
  8. The PNC reviews and interviews potential candidates.  The COM meets with the candidates to determine if their skills and the church’s needs “fit.”
  9. The PNC selects a final candidate and extends a call.
  10. The PNC works with the Session to set a congregational meeting to vote on their recommendation.
  11. The congregation votes on the candidate.
  12. The new pastor is installed.


Dates for your Calendar

Sunday, November 12
9:00 am- Café Conversations- Fellowship Hall
10:00 am- Worship- 23rd Sunday after Pentecost- Rev. Matthew Drumheller Preaching
2:00 pm- Fiddler on the Roof
Sunday, November 19
9:00 am- Café Conversations- Fellowship Hall
10:00 am- Worship- 24th Sunday after Pentecost- Rev. Matthew Drumheller Preaching
11:30 am- Armchair of Africa presentation by Krystle Whitley
7:00 pm- Book Club