Around the Church for November 30, 2022

Giving Tree
Do you have the Christmas spirit yet? If not, giving a helping hand this year might help. As always, you’ll have five categories from which to choose. Pick one or all!
• Children’s presents: We’re continuing to support and develop our relationship with the Camp Curtin Academy. Each child has identified a want and a need.
• International Service Center (ISC): Giant gift cards and money for the Ukrainian refugees. The Slavic churches are really being stretched thin due to the influx of refugees so let’s help ease their burden to feed our new neighbors.
• Bethesda Women’s Shelter: Gently used (or new) books for adults, like mysteries, historical fiction, etc. We provided many children’s books during our August Giving Barrel activity.
• HELP Ministries: Money for fuel oil
• DDB and the Presbyterian Apartments: Homemade cookies for Christmas dinner
Because Christmas is on a Sunday this year, the last drop-off day for giving tree items is Sunday, December 18, only three short Sundays from now… There will be a signup table with more details in the Gathering Place this Sunday. Let’s use this opportunity to reach out to those in need this Christmas season.

Rediscovering Christmas
In a series of three Adult Forums, we will explore the story of Christ’s birth and how it is celebrated in modern America. We’ll spend one session exploring the history of Christmas and how we might more faithfully celebrate the holiday today. In the next two sessions, we’ll explore the story of Christ’s birth, brought to us by the gospels of Matthew and Luke. In place a fourth session, you are encouraged to join us (online or in person) on December 21st for the Longest Night worship service at 7:00 pm.

Forum sessions will take place on Zoom at 7:30 pm on the following dates:
Tonight, November 30, December 7, December 14.

If you would like to sign up, you can email Matt at [email protected]. By doing so, you will receive some background information ahead of time. If you do not sign up, you are still welcome to join us for any or all the sessions using the following Zoom link:


A Service for the Longest Night, December 21
As in years past, we will share a worship space during the Advent season, for prayer, song, lament, and remembrance on the longest night, December 21, in person or online at 7:00 pm.
Led by our Stephen Ministers and worship staff, this service holds the complexity of this season of joy coming in the midst of times of deep loss for some. A Longest Night Gathering is a safe and sacred space to share anguish, to plead with God to remember us, to pray for justice and restoration, even to hope against hope, through our doubts and tears and fears, that “God will set things right all over the earth.”


Updates from the Pastor Nominating Committee
The Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) has been meeting weekly since the end of October. To date, the committee has focused on writing the Ministry Information Form (MIF) which provides a narrative picture of Pine Street’s mission and ministry. The MIF helps prospective pastors gain a better understanding of who we are, who God is calling us to be, and where God is calling us to go. The CAT survey and work of the Transition Team has been invaluable to the PNC in developing this important document.
The next step in the process is to present the MIF to Pine Street Session and to the Presbytery’s Commission on Ministry for approval.
If you have any questions about the Pastoral Nominating Committee, please do not hesitate to contact David Colestock at [email protected] or 717-645-6174.
Please continue to keep the Pastor Nominating Committee in your prayers as we continue this journey toward new pastoral leadership at Pine Street.
• David Colestock, PNC Chair
• Amy Chick, PNC Vice Chair
• Jennifer Garman
• Jay Himes
• George Kunkle
• Elyse Rogers
• Isaiah Shu


Suggestions Needed
The worship committee and property committee have approved looking into installing railings on the steps leading to the chancel. The picture illustrates one example of what the railings could look like.
Installing railings on the steps to the chancel is long overdue. As the members of the congregation are aging fewer people are able or willing to use the steps. The property committee welcomes questions, suggestions and comments from the congregation.


Poinsettia Memorial Donations
Poinsettia orders will be taken now through December 16th. Please look for the insert in the worship bulletin. As last year, the donation amount is $12 per plant with any additional donation going toward the purchase of decorations and advent music. Please place your completed order form and check in the decorated box at the welcome center. Poinsettia memorials will be published in the December 18 and December 24 bulletins.


A Greener Pine Street
If you’ve been to Pine Street in recent weeks, you may have noticed several potted trees along Third Street. Pine Street Session and the Trustees’ Property Committee have collaborated on a landscaping project to welcome worshipers and soften our beautiful gothic façade. A greener Pine Street also supports our efforts as an Earth Care Congregation.
David Colestock and Jane Hess consulted with Highland Gardens landscape staff to get ideas for plants that would do well in pots in areas with limited sunlight. Four Degroot’s Spire Arborvitae and two Korean Gold Yews have been planted so far. More plants will be added in the Spring.
Thanks to the Highland Gardens staff for their expertise, to George Kunkle to his help in transporting materials, and to Kerry MacDearmid for her assistance in planting.


Reach out to Someone this Holiday Season!
Many of us love the holidays! The special events, treasured family traditions, decorating hearth and home, and sharing wonderful times with loved ones. That togetherness and those connections make the holidays special for many of us.
However, while many of us are feeling that sense of connection during the holidays, others are feeling isolation or loneliness. Some feel lonely or isolated because they are homebound. Others may feel the same sense of loneliness because they have lost their “connection” to our Pine Street Community.
As Christians, we are exhorted, in the Gospel of John, to love one another. “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. John 13:34 NIV” Each of us can share the love of Christ with those who are feeling isolated or lonely this holiday season by helping them feel connected to a wider world.
As you celebrate this holiday season of goodwill, think about those in our Pine Street Community who may be feeling a sense of isolation or loneliness – whether they are homebound or not. Please consider connecting with these individuals by sending a card or note or picking up your phone and surprising that individual with a caring phone call.
Holidays can become “special” when we interact with each other in love.
If you have questions or concerns about reaching out to individuals in these circumstances, please feel free to call either Alicelyn Sleber, 717-652-7990 or Keith Perago, 717-433-5519.



Current COVID Procedure
Pine Street Presbyterian Church will follow CDC guidelines to ease masking requirements and allow in-person gatherings, including food. While Dauphin and Cumberland Counties are in the low or medium community levels (according to the CDC’s “COVID-19 by County” page found at: Masks will be optional for all Pine Street events, including worship. Session and staff will monitor the community levels and change health and safety guidelines if the local counties are high. Worshipers are welcome to wear masks if that helps them feel comfortable in worship.


Dates for your Calendar
Wednesday, November 30 — 7:00 pm Adult Forum — “Rediscovering Christmas” with Pastor Matt Drumheller
Sunday, December 4 — Second Sunday of Advent — 8:45 am Sunday School — 9:00 am Café conversations and bible Study — 10:00 am Worship, Rev. Matt Drumheller, Preaching
Wednesday, December 7 — 7:00 pm Adult Forum — “Rediscovering Christmas” with Pastor Matt Drumheller
Sunday, December 11 — Third Sunday of Advent — 8:45 am Sunday School — 9:00 am Café conversations and Bible Study — 10:00 am Worship, Rev. Matt Drumheller, Preaching — 4:00 pm Lessons and Carols with percussion and brass
Friday, December 16 — Last day for poinsettia memorial donations.
Sunday, December 18 — Fourth Sunday of Advent — 8:45 am Sunday School — 9:00 am Café conversations and Bible Study — 10:00 am Worship, Rev. Matt Drumheller, Preaching