Around the Church for November 12, 2021


From the Interim Pastor Search Committee

We are blessed and excited to announce that on the recommendation of the Interim Search Committee, the Session and the Commission on Ministry of the Carlisle Presbytery have approved Rev. Matthew Drumheller as Interim Pastor for Pine Street beginning January 3, 2022.

Matt earned his Bachelor of Science in Sociology at Virginia Tech and his Master of Divinity from Union Presbyterian Seminary in Richmond, Virginia. He recently served as an Associate Pastor, Co-Pastor, and Solo Pastor/Head of Staff at First Presbyterian Church in Albemarle, North Carolina. Matt also served as Co-Director of the Montreat Youth Conference in Montreat, North Carolina. Matt has continued his education by attending several seminars including Start with the Good News and Strategic Planning in an Uncertain World, both at Union Presbyterian Seminary where he is also enrolled in Interim Ministry Training.

Matt and his wife Claire recently relocated to Central Pennsylvania when his wife accepted a call to serve as Associate Pastor at First Presbyterian Church in Lancaster.
Matt is seeking to serve in a church that has a unique identity and is interested in growing to the future. In his Pastoral Information Form, he states, “Churches are most effective when they remain true to their unique identity. Whether it is a church focused primarily on mission, a church which sees itself as fulfilling a teaching role in the world, a church which strives for meaningful and engaging worship, or any of a number of other important ministries, a church is most successful when its programs flow from a place of authenticity.” Matt describes himself as a “millennial who loves the church.” His faith is rooted in traditional worship and music, but he is “capable of envisioning a future, conveying that future, and bringing people together to work toward that future.”

As a leader, Matt is collaborative and relational. He asks questions and listens, and he works together to set a path forward. As a director of the Montreat Youth Conference, he worked alongside youth leaders to plan and develop conference programs. Most recently, he led the Albemarle church staff and congregation through many difficult challenges to find creative ways to continue to meet needs of the congregation during the pandemic. In addition to technological innovations in worship, the church revitalized its congregational care program, provided meals to members, and established online prayer meetings.

Continue to keep Pine Street staff, officers, boards, committees, members, and Matt in your prayers as we continue to work collaboratively to build a pathway into the future together.

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