Around the Church for June 29, 2022

Presbyterian Apartments Ice Cream and Bingo Social Tomorrow!
Please join us for a fun ice cream and bingo social tomorrow, June 30, at 1:00 pm at the Presbyterian Apartments on 2nd Street. Ice cream and toppings will be provided by Pine Street, as well as bingo prizes.

Guest Preacher
We will be led in worship this Sunday, July 3, by Rev. Lucy Bowerman while Matt is out of town. Rev. Bowerman recently moved to Carlisle from the Washington D.C. area. For the past 25 years, she has followed God’s call into all sorts of unusual and interesting ministries. We look forward to welcoming her into the pulpit at Pine Street.

Sermon Series
Beginning Sunday, July 10, Matt will be preaching a series of sermons based on the book “Half Truths” by author and United Methodist pastor Adam Hamilton. This series will explore some common sayings that Christians say to one another that are half-true, like, “Everything Happens for a Reason.” If you would like to read this book along with the sermon series, it can be found on Amazon and other book retailers.

Session Update
At its stated meeting on Monday evening, the Session spent time in prayer, reflection, and conversation around the life and ministry of Pine Street Presbyterian Church. Here are a few things they would like you to know about their work this month.
The Session received a regular report from the Board of Trustees and celebrated the completion of the sewer project. Jay Himes, the president of the DDB board, met with Session to provide updates on the ministry. DDB has submitted a proposal to the Session that contains guidelines for the nature of the relationship of the two organizations. The Session has formed a taskforce to review this proposal and make any changes with the hopes of creating a good working relationship across South Street.
The various committees reported on the good work taking place over the Summer here at Pine Street. The committee chairs have also worked hard on developing numbers for the beginning of a budget process that will begin soon to plan for 2023.
Your leaders are deeply dedicated to the work of keeping Pine Street healthy. Please keep them in your prayers as they go about this important work.

Interim Update
With the approval of the presbytery, the Session of Pine Street Presbyterian Church took an important step in the transition process on Monday evening. The Session has voted to form a Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC). They have instructed the Nominating Committee (a standing committee of the Session) to create a slate of nominees for this committee. The Nominating Committee can now begin the work of recruiting members who will select a candidate for the congregation to consider as the next pastor.
The Nominating Committee would like your help! If you would like the committee to consider a nominee for the PNC, please contact Jane Hess (who is chair of the committee) to submit their name. The PNC will be limited in size and will represent the demographics of the congregation, so not everyone nominated will be selected, but your input will be helpful.
We now have another step to mark off in our process! Here are the steps of the Installed Pastor Search:
1. Interim Pastor Called
2. The Presbytery’s COM approves the formation of the PNC.
3. The Nominating Committee selects a PNC which is approved by the congregation.
4. A COM liaison conducts orientation/training of the PNC.
5. The PNC creates an MIF.
6. The MIF is approved by the Session of the church and the COM to determine that it accurately reflects who the congregation is and the nature of the call.
7. The MIF is posted on the PC(USA) Church Leadership Connection.
8. The PNC reviews and interviews potential candidates. The COM meets with the candidates to determine if their skills and the church’s needs “fit.”
9. The PNC selects a final candidate and extends a call.
10. The PNC works with the Session to set a congregational meeting to vote on their recommendation.
11. The congregation votes on the candidate.
12. The new pastor is installed.
Here are some helpful abbreviations for you to know:
COM = Committee on Ministry
PNC = Pastor Nominating Committee
MIF = Ministry Information Form (church’s resume)
PIF = Personal Information Form (candidate’s resume).

Note: For the summer months (June, July, August) the church will open at 9:00 am on Sunday mornings.

Current COVID Procedure
Pine Street Presbyterian Church will follow CDC guidelines to ease masking requirements and allow in-person gatherings, including food. While Dauphin and Cumberland Counties are in the low or medium community levels (according to the CDC’s “COVID-19 by County” page found at Masks will be optional for all Pine Street events, including worship. Session and staff will monitor the community levels and change health and safety guidelines if the local counties are high. Worshipers are welcome to wear masks if that helps them feel comfortable in worship.

Dates for your Calendar
Thursday, June 30 — 1:00 pm Presbyterian Apartments Ice Cream Bingo Social
Sunday, July 3 — Fourth Sunday after Pentecost 10:00 am Worship —Lucy Bowerman Preaching
Sunday, July 10 — Fifth Sunday after Pentecost 10:00 am Worship — Matt Drumheller Preaching
Friday, July 15 — 6:00 pm 3rd in the Burg
Sunday, July 17 — Sixth Sunday after Pentecost 10:00 am Worship — Matt Drumheller Preaching