Around the Church for June 22, 2022


Presbyterian Apartments Ice Cream Bingo is Back!
There is a sign-up sheet at the Welcome Center counter for you to indicate your level of participation: i.e., be in attendance, bring ice cream toppings, other ice cream fixings (bananas, peaches, strawberries, etc.), bring sweet treats, etc. You can also supply Bingo prizes (they can be in the form of white elephant items – as in the past). I will provide the ice cream.
Looking forward to seeing you all and the good folks at Presbyterian Apartments on the 30!
Marty Gruver


Apologies for the omission of Deb Gruver’s name from the list of individuals who volunteered at our church’s booth for Kidfest at Harrisburg’s Artfest. Thank you, Deb!


As Summer is upon us, the serving of hot beverages at Sunday’s Fellowship time will be discontinued until cooler weather prevails.

Sewer Repair at Pine Street
The sewer repair project at Pine Street is finished. Like most large projects it took longer than anticipated.
They would open one section of floor and find two more problems that required inspection and repair. The total cost of the project came in under budget by $19,256. The savings would have been more but we had to pay $1,300 for the cost of asbestos testing. Most of the savings came from replacing some pipes instead of relining them. Relining pipes costs anywhere from $220 to $300 a lineal foot. These drain lines are critical because they carry rainwater from a large part of the church roof as well as sewage from several bathrooms.

Some of the more important repairs include:

· Relined part of an original 10-inch clay pipe from 1860 which closed up a 3-inch hole located underneath
the footer of the church building. This pipe could not be replaced because of its location.
· Replaced 10 to 12 feet of the original clay pipe that could be reached but could not be relined.
· Installed two cleanouts to make future repairs much easier.
· Replaced an old cast iron pipe located in the hallway.
· Replaced a 5-inch cast iron Y pipe.
· Documented everything so future workers will know what is under the floors.
· Made improvements to the underground trap systems for steam, HVAC, and pneumatic

The pictures should give you an idea of the complexity of the project.

50 Year Member Recognition
On Sunday, June 26, during morning worship, we will honor our members who have continuously been a part of Pine street for the last 50 years. Please join us in thanking them for their dedicated membership and service!

Note: For the summer months (June, July, August) the church will open at 9:00 am on Sunday mornings.

Current COVID Procedure
Pine Street Presbyterian Church will follow CDC guidelines to ease masking requirements and allow in-person gatherings, including food. While Dauphin and Cumberland Counties are in the low or medium community levels (according to the CDC’s “COVID-19 by County” page found at Masks will be optional for all Pine Street events, including worship. Session and staff will monitor the community levels and change health and safety guidelines if the local counties are high. Worshipers are welcome to wear masks if that helps them feel comfortable in worship.

Dates for your Calendar
Sunday, June 26 — Third Sunday after Pentecost 10:00 am Worship — Matt Drumheller Preaching | 50 Year member recognition
Thursday, June 30 — 1:00 pm Presbyterian Apartments Ice Cream Bingo Social
Sunday, July 3 — Fourth Sunday after Pentecost 10:00 am Worship —Lucy Bowerman Preaching
Sunday, July 10 — Fifth Sunday after Pentecost 10:00 am Worship — Matt Drumheller Preaching
Friday, July 15 — 6:00 pm 3rd in the Burg
Sunday, July 17 — Sixth Sunday after Pentecost 10:00 am Worship — Matt Drumheller Preaching