Around the church for July 5, 2023



On Sunday in worship the new class of officers will be ordained and/or installed. Jennifer Gardner and Frida Shu will be installed as Deacons, Bill Mader will be installed as a Trustee to fill a one-year vacancy, and Jane Freet will be ordained and installed as an Elder. Thanks to these folks for their commitment to the ministry of Pine Street.

Summer Lunch Program Update

Many thanks to the volunteers already signed up and serving and to the staff at Downtown Daily Bread who are invaluable to this collaborative effort.  We will continue to serve lunches on Tuesdays and Thursdays through August 10, so please consider signing up to volunteer!

June Session Highlights

The Session met on Monday, June 26 at its regularly scheduled meeting.  Here are the highlights from the meeting:

As already announced by e-mail, Pine Street hired Krystle Whitley as our new Church Administrator.

Most importantly, Session approved an Employee Sharing Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Downtown Daily Bread (DDB), allowing for Pine Street shared use of DDB’s custodian, currently Michele Ortega, and for DDB’s use of Pine Street’s Facilities Manager, currently Mike Waldvogel.  The MOU clearly spells out the maximum number of hours each can work for the other organization, the rate for employee to the other organization, and lays out the organizational communications needed to oversee the work each does.  This MOU resolves one of the outstanding issues with the separation of DDB from Pine Street.

Joan Hays, Pine Street Treasurer, reported that we are currently running an approximately $40,000 deficit for the year so far this year.  Income is higher than anticipated, but expenses are running over projections.  The expenses are largely in necessary and required costs such as maintenance and insurance premiums which are very difficult to pare back.  Session asks that members continue to be generous and to keep their pledges up to date during the summer vacation season.

In other items of note, the joint DDB Pine Street Summer Lunch Program is off to a slow start with few school age children coming to get free lunch two days a week.  It is expected that as news spreads, more children will take advantage of the program.

The buyers of 224 asked for a 30 day extension on the closing because of a temporary incapacity of one of the principles.

The Worship Committee reported that there will be at least one more new Hymnal order.  The Education Committee announced that Rally Day will be September 10 with regular education schedules resuming on September 17.  The Engaging Our Neighbors moved to engage John Fong who had been a consultant to Presbytery, to improve and strengthen our social media and web presence and to establish a church growth team.

July Giving Barrel

Camp Curtain will be the recipient of our July Giving Barrel. Please help us support this mission partner this summer.

While many of us don’t want to think about fall being our next season, along with it is the start of school for many.  Camp Curtin Academy which has been  our mission in Harrisburg School District will be opening its doors in August for the new school year. Our Mission Committee has again decided to support the students by  donating new school uniforms.  We’re starting earlier this year so we can deliver the clothes at the beginning of the school year.  We thank you in advance for helping us fulfill this need.  What child doesn’t like something new to wear at the start of school?

The specifics of the uniforms are much the same with solid colored 3-button polo shirts and khaki material long pants. We were told by social worker Gia Johnson that the “kids” prefer short sleeved shirts.
Girl sizes for shirts and pants are 10/12, 12/14, 16/18.  Junior girl sizes for pants are 2, 5, 8, 10. Shirt sizes are Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.
Boy sizes for pants are 14/16 and 18/20.  Shirt sizes are Medium, Extra Large and a few 2X Large.

If anyone has any questions, would like help with their shopping or wants to  make a donation, please contact Alicelyn Sleber.
Again, thank you for your help to “fill our Barrel”.